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Solid work

First the bad: sometimes they go a bit too much nerd, the couple of guests they’ve had didn’t work too well. Not horrible just not that good. Now the good: Hilarious. Literal laughter out loud every episode. The boys flow from funny to “information” adeptly. This podcast brought me back into the Dune Universe in a way that makes it fun to read the books again. They make sure you know if the episode is going to have spoilers right up top. What the eff HBO!? Where’s my Holtzman miniseries!? Just wanted to update to 5stars. Over the episodes their delivery has gotten better and better. They've fixed the couple of gripes I had.

Perfect for new readers

So glad they’re doing this pod. The perfect companion to this insanely dense story.


Comfort is definitely relative. Much like the fall of the Mongul empire ( in my opinion) their decadence got the best of them. Once you lose that real sense of savagery it’s hard to regain. But what a great show you fellas have. I’m brand new to Dune and you guys have almost convinced me to pull the trigger and read (listen to the audio book) it.

first podcast review i have ever written

it’s awesome, read dune, listen to the book club, you won’t be disappointed

Best Dune Podcast!

Love it! Highly recommended!


Great show great host great author and grateful listener

Solid podcast

Abu and Leo have a great rapport, and make revisiting the dune universe a blast. Keep up the good work, guys! The spice must flow!!

Illuminating, engaging, fun

These guys are so warm and engaging. I read the books decades ago and forgot so much, but Leo and Abu bring to light all the richness and depths of Dune. Plus they connect everything to contemporary culture, and ideas. Just woderful!


Can’t get enough. Have y’all watched the Dune & Children of Dune miniseries? Also on YouTube the David Lynch Dune by a fan. So much added.

Spice Addict!

The best book review I’ve heard is for the Dune Encyclopedia which your time travels are based off. As much of a nerd as I am I never delved into it and now much later learning it costs between 300-1000 dollars! If I don’t get that 5 part Bene Geserit series promised I’ll be forced to do awful things to afford it! Regardless, this is an amazing listen! This Podcast must flow!

Best Dune content with relatable and knowledgable hosts

I love Dune and Dune podcasts. This is by far the best Dune Podcast I have come across. They have non-spoiler content which is so helpful to the initiated and new Dune readers/viewers alike. Also, most Dune podcasts are round table discussion of rotating hosts. This is high audio quality with consistent hosts (who clearly have a connection and are affable) that have a distinct plan and arc of conversation for each episode. Thank you so much! I couldn’t recommend this podcast higher!!!

Best Dune Podcast out there

I’ve read books 1-4, and I listened to all of the podcasts out there, and this one is the muad’dib of podcasts. These guys are knowledgeable, make few mistakes, and allude to several deeper insights/themes within the series. Really appreciate all of the effort they put into this! Thank you!


I really love the material that these guys delve into. They are precise and strive for accuracy, and give a lot of obvious care and love to the handling of the source material. Their chemistry is fun and I’ve found it to be an easy listen. I REALLY appreciate the spoilers/no spoilers disclaimer in each episode description. As I am reading through the first Dune novel, it’s nice to not have the narrative ruined for me by copious spoilers, which is something not a lot of other Dune podcasts take care to avoid.

The ONLY Dune podcast worth listening to

A truly thoughtful, yet hilariously entertaining journey into Herbert’s world. The only pod that offers a deep look into the universe, events and people who shaped the Dune series...and not a single DudeBro or newcomer shaming power nerd in sight. Thank you. Thank you thank you thank you thank you.

Dune yo

This is where I come for all my Dune content A+++

Amazing Podcast!

The hosts are charming and passionate about the Dune series. Every episode is well researched and wildly interesting. I can’t recommend highly enough!

Best podcast about all things Dune!

Great effort put in by these guys. Awesome insight into the Dune universe. Must listen!

Loving this podcast!

Whether you’re new to the Dune-iverse and wanna know more to feed the movie hype, get a GREAT primer before diving into the books, or are a long time fan of Dune, I’m sure you’ll find this podcast to be a top shelf choice. Abu and Leo are great hosts, keep the banter crisp and fresh and fun but are legitimately steeped in lore...which is no small feat when it comes to Dune. Great job!! Looking forward to more.

Great Poscast

I’ve listened to three Dune related podcast and Gom Jabbar is by far the best. The hosts know their stuff and I really appreciate that they stick to the original books plus the Encyclopedia with almost no discussion of the BH books.


The Dune podcast I’ve been searching for! I just wish episodes dropped more frequently/schedule I can make out

Great job!

Super friendly and likable hosts! Some nerd content can be a little bit less accessible for newcomers, but these guys make the podcast enjoyable and interesting for those new to the series as well as people revisiting the Dune universe. Keep it up!!

Thorough and entertaining!

As a Dune lover, and a podcast lover, I thoroughly enjoy this podcast. The hosts go into so much detail in every episode, and clarify a lot of aspects of the Dune universe. A great companion to the one of the greatest works of all time. Great job, guys!

Best Dune podcast in the world!!!!!!!

I really like these guys!

Good balance and pace

There’s something to enjoy here for the avid fan or casual interest. Spoiler warnings are helpful. The pace of conversation is just right so you can get a lot of info but don’t get bored. But... How could you not mention Sapho juice in the mentat episodes?


Read it years ago- so interesting to hear the tremendous amount of backstory explained and now have to re-read the things - These guys have a knack for clarifying the dense story and multiple character lines; enjoying it a lot.

They Dune It

Casual outside observer of Dune. So happy to finally learn what a Gom Jabbar is!

So much fun, very informative

Dune is so overwhelming, it’s great to have it spelled out simply, love the rapport looking forward to more.

These folks kill it!

Such a solid podcast, everything the Lore Party peeps touch is gold

Very cool podcast

These guys definitely know their Lore!