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Missed this comic so much while it was gone and love so much that it’s back, but it’s even better to enjoy it with this show every month

I want everyone to read this book, and this podcast is the perfect way to get into it

This comic changed my life and I love reading the new issues with Abu and Alan. AND I love that the read-along episodes are a way to get my friends into the book. Can’t wait to see what comes next!

What more could you ask for?!

Great podcast about SAGA! The chapter re-caps of past volumes are great! Breakdowns of new issues when they arrive are great! The extra stuff like fav panels, quotes, etc. are great! Great comic, great cast ❤️

Can’t wait for new Saga AND for new episodes!

Was so excited to hear that new issues of Saga coming, and then got even more excited to have people to enjoy it with like Abu and Alan (and everyone else reading along!)

Yes to this ode to Fiona and BKV's master work!!!

I have always felt like only I understood just have brilliant Saga was as a story and a comic, but listening to this podcast I really feel like these hosts are RIGHT THERE with me. Can't wait to reread along with them AND enjoy the new issues next year!

A Sagacious Deep Dive

Loved every moment of this reread (relisten?) of the first 3 issues. Saga is clearly the best comic on the shelf, and if distance makes the heart grow fonder, 3.5 years of waiting has transformed my love of this book into full-blown fanaticism. The hosts of this pod do a great job of summarizing and nerding out on precisely the themes and visuals I adore about Saga—family, friendship, death, politics, parenthood, penis monsters…it’s all there! Can’t wait for the next ep!

Finally a Saga podcast for everyone!

I’m a new fan of Saga and as such I’m super happy that this podcast is tailored towards me and long time fans of the series. I’m looking forward to the deep dives and the coverage of the new material! The Lore Party Podcast Network has done it again!