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ELDER SCROLLS: Why The Black Marsh Can't Be (Fully) Conquered

Aug. 16, 2022

The Argonians of Tamriel don't have it easy. They're constantly picked on by their neighbors, regularly made into slaves and face discrimination nearly everywhere they go. But in their native province of the Black Marsh, the…


ELDER SCROLLS: The Unflattering History of the Tribunal

July 12, 2022

Conner and Bruce delve into the history of Morrowind and dissect the origins of the living gods known as the Tribunal.


ELDER SCROLLS: The Religions of Tamriel

June 14, 2021

Bruce and Conner unpack the incredibly dense lore of religions in Elder Scrolls, from the history of the Aedra and Daedra to the various pantheons found across the cultures of the continent.This is an EXPERT level episode, w…


ELDER SCROLLS: Fighters Guild vs Blackwood Company

April 26, 2021

Bruce and Conner compare two competitive mercenary groups in Cyrodil: The Fighters Guild and The Blackwood Company.


ELDER SCROLLS: Soul Gems Are Problematic

April 12, 2021

Bruce and Conner explore what happens to a soul when it's trapped in a soul gem and discuss the questionable ethics of powering magical items with the souls of living beings.This is an EASY level episode, which means you wil…