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STARCRAFT: The Xel'Naga Prophecy Sucks

Oct. 28, 2019

Abu and Kevin explore why the Xel'Naga Prophecy is arguably the worst part of the Starcraft franchise. They discuss the role of prophecy in storytelling (1:44), the history of the xel'naga and their struggle with Amon (10:22…


STARCRAFT: Kerrigan Never Had a Choice

Sept. 23, 2019

Abu and Kevin explore how Sarah Kerrigan was never truly given the choice to decide her own destiny. They discuss her tragic childhood and initiation into the Ghost program (3:28), her motivations as the Queen of Blades (18:…


STARCRAFT: Raynor vs. Mengsk

July 15, 2019

Abu and Kevin compare the lives and legacies of Arcturus Mengsk and James Raynor. They discuss the similarities and differences of their upbringings (2:10), the tragic events that turned them into rebels (14:47), and how the…