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WITCHER: Why the Scoia’tael Will Never Win

March 4, 2019

Abu (@abu_zafar) and Brett (@CoachBrett4) explore the futile war waged by the Scoia’tael. They discuss the long history of conflicts between humans and elves (2:41), the goals of the Scoia’tel (14:32), and why they are doome…


WITCHER: Weddings, Tragedies, and Hearts of Stone

Nov. 20, 2018

Abu (@abu_zafar) and Brett (@CoachBrett4) explore two of the best quests in Hearts of Stone. After a brief summary of the plot (1:40), they discuss Shani and Vlodimir von Everec attending a wedding (7:58), the tragedy of Iri…


WITCHER: All Roads Lead to Nilfgaard

Oct. 11, 2018

Abu (@abu_zafar) and Brett (@CoachBrett4) travel to the greatest empire in history: Nilfgaard. They discuss its origins (1:14), its many wars with the Northern Kingdoms (6:11), and the folly of Geralt’s self-proclaimed neutr…


WITCHER: Emhyr’s Humanity and Ciri’s Destiny

Sept. 3, 2018

Brett and Abu (@abu_zafar) explore the twisted relationship between Ciri and Emhyr. They discuss Emhyr’s motivations for hunting Ciri (4:59), how the role of the Wild Hunt was changed for the games (11:58), and how Ciri view…