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Wasn’t really into Moon Knight before but….

Been reading marvel for a long time but never got into Moon Knight. The MCU show made me think again and go back, and SO GLAD that Lawrence and Elizabeth are here to help with all the backstory, because there’s SO MUCH WEIRD STUFF

Yes yes yes

I love this show on Disney and these recaps RULE, plus I love finding out all the stuff about the comics

Just What I Was Looking For

I’m new to Moon Knight and I can’t wait for the Disney+ show. This is exactly the podcast I was looking for. I’m excited for Lawerence and Elizabeth’s breakdowns of the TV episodes and to learn more about the history and lore of this iconic character.

Moon Knight

All things moon knight get it here les gooooooo


Was a newcomer to the series but caught up pretty quickly with the episodes so far. Love it and can’t wait for more. I hope they dive into more shows as well! ☺️ definitely recommend 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

A great into to a new world

I knew nothing about the comic or the show, but Elizabeth and Lawerence make for an easy introduction and makes me more excited for the D+ show coming out.


I will listen to any thing about the MCU and so glad tere’s podcast as bonus content, but like it’s from fans

So glad this exists

I’m so glad I found this show! I LOVE THE MCU, but there’s SO MUCH old Moon Knight comics to read, so I’m so happy I can have these two explain it to me. They have like the best conversations

Yes! Yes! Yes!

I have always wanted a podcast that really dug into the weirdest part of Marvel lore, and so excited to get it right as Moon Knight joins the MCU!!!!