Join host and producer Lawerence Kelly on Those Who Play Create!, a monthly podcast that explores the inspirations for some of the gaming industry's best. In each episode, Lawerence will interview video game artists, designers, developers, and writers about their motivations, influences, and creative processes to unpack the true stories behind making the video games we love.

About the Hosts

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Avery(They/Them) is a contributing producer for Lore Party. They are a Social Anthropology PhD student and a member of the queer and feminist research collective Beyond Gender. Catch them on Twitter @redrocketpanda.

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Michael Farris

Senior Producer

Michael Farris (he/him) is a Senior Producer at Lore Party. He hosted Minigame and now produces Past Gen and creates videos for Lore Party’s YouTube and Twitch channels. You can find him on social media @farristhewheel.

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Lawerence Kelly

Host/Executive Producer/COO Lore Party Media


Creativity, boundless curiosity, and a powerful drive to succeed and empower others to do the same. These are just a few of the many traits that I embody in my personal and professional life. As creator, executive producer, and host of Those Who Play Create! I pride myself on facilitating impactful and personal stories from each of the creatives I interview! If you're in the game industry and would like to appear on the show shoot me a message using the contact form on the site.