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Great analysis

Love this podcast! As someone who has read the books but not played the games, it’s nice to get some context about how gamers are experiencing the Netflix show and even better to be able to “compare notes” with the hosts about how the show is portraying the themes and characters from the books. I love the spoiler casts at the end of each season where they go into everything from the books and raise questions that also occurred to me while I was watching the show. Overall, I think Abu and Brett strike a good balance between being enthusiastic about the show while also giving their honest opinions. Thanks, guys!


This is a really good show. The lads are deeply aware of the lore and their opinions are coherent, understandable and fair. Wind’s Howling is certainly one of the most concise Witcher podcasts out there, especially as it relates to the Netflix show. However I will say that I am disappointed that Brett’s opinions and takes change depending on what podcast he is hosting. “On the Path” is another great podcast hosted by Brett, and he’s expressed downright opposite opinions of exactly the same moments of the Netflix adaptation as he has shared on this podcast. This makes it hard to listen to either beyond as background noise. Stick to your guns man, no matter who your cohost is……

Great podcast/ stop with the thinly veiled spoilers

Definitely the best Witcher podcast. Very much appreciate that the authors are well versed in the book lore-and do a great job helping the rest of us better understand the series.I love and agree with their takes and opinions- great stuff. One gripe that almost made me not give a five star rating—please stop with the thinly-veiled spoilers (often literally right after saying ‘we’re not going to give anything away’). Saying ~~oh Siri’s going to be spending some time alone in the future, etc.- or things like this that very clearly reference what may be coming, is a SHOW SPOILER- not just a book spoiler. I know a lot is different from the books, but most of the main elements are similar enough that these veiled allusions to what’s going to happen absolutely serve as show spoilers. Thanks!

Solid podcast

The hosts are well versed in the media and are fair in their opinions. I really enjoy their views. This is a podcast for people who are open to the alternate story lines in Netflix’s Witcher.

Great Duo Great Knowledge

I was looking for a Witcher Pod with a deep dive element and great chemistry. These guys have it, loved hearing them talk about Witcher. They are respectful of each other, professional, sound great and know so much. Love it!

Well done!

New to The Witcher, Henry brought me but these two guys are helping me understand quite a few things with just the right amount of banter. They are careful with spoilers and they keep it neatly wrapped.

I had questions…these guys had answers

I bounced between a few different Witcher podcasts. What I was looking for was something that went into the deep background and lore that had been developed from the books and games. Many shows had great banter about the show but lacked the lore If you are also looking for a good companion podcast that deep dives into that background, you’ve come to the right place. The hosts did a great job of relating happenings in the series to lore from the greater Witcher world. They did so without sounding encyclopedic and keeping it funny and light hearted.

Best Witcher podcast

I’m new to the Witcher universe and needed a lot of help understanding the show. So I downloaded three different Witcher podcasts (the others being The Witcher Recap and Afterbuzz) and this one is by far the best. I feel they pay the most attention to the show and offer the most thoughtful and complete perspective. Abu’s Witcher intro episode was especially helpful. I feel like I’m listening to two people talk about something they really enjoy and are just sharing the knowledge and passion they have. Much appreciated. I also appreciate that they do not present themselves as experts and they have the right amount of self-deprecation. Unlike the one reviewer who pointed out they need a woman’s perspective, I completely disagree. As a woman myself, I feel they do a pretty good job and that wouldn’t be a necessary bonus to the show on a regular basis. Keep it up, guys! I can’t wait to watch more seasons “with” you! 💚

Great listen

Love this podcast, but I did want to comment on the last episode specifically because as someone watching the show before reading the books or playing the games, I DID think that Gerald’s mom was really in the forest healing him and it wasn’t just a dream. Also, the book (which I’m now reading) does say Gerald is a child of surprise when he is telling Calanthi that Paveta has a choice with Dunny and he knows this because he had the choice. Just my feedback 😊 love the show. Do more episodes while we wait for season two!

Fantastic podcast

I’m just a fan of the show, not a gamer and didn’t read the books. Their knowledge was crucial for me understanding the plot.... keep up the good work guys!

Came for the title, stayed for the hot takes.

As a Witcher game fan (and fan of the whole Witcher universe) I couldn’t help but chuckle at this title that references CD Projekt Red’s Geralt and how he remarks on the weather to himself while running around. The guys have some great insight on the show and know their stuff. Like others have said, I’d love to see some guests, especially non-male, to get some perspectives as we get to know Yen (and other female characters) better next season. Alas, 5 stars!

🎵Toss a coin to this podcast...🎵

Was having a hard time finding a good Witcher podcast and was glad I came across this one. So far so good. Now just need more episodes released weekly. They know their lore, fill in a lot of backstory from the books and games, and helped me notice and understand things I missed in my first watch. You’ve earned a new listener.

Much needed additional information

Helps me decipher the show and I appreciate the information from the books.

More episodes please!

Best Witcher podcast. These guys are so good at breaking each episode down, and sharing great insights about the story - lots of things that are easy to miss on first viewing. They’ve read the books and watched each ep multiple times so they know what they’re talking about. I like how they come prepared, and then just have really engaging candid conversations about each ep. Nothing dry about them. They’re so fun and easy to listen to. Netflix seriously needs to hire these guys and turn this into the official Witcher podcast. They’re that good.

These guys are awesome!

I love these two guys and their smart, insightful observations about The Witcher show, as well as the books. Best Witcher show podcast by far!!

Needs Theory Prediction

Hosts engage in astute analysis and observations, but 2 episodes in and I am in need of theory crafting and/or speculations. Could place book theories at the end of the cast.

Knowledgeable hosts

These guys are great. Filling in a lot of gaps with their knowledge of The Witcher from the books to the games. Highly recommend for all those just getting into it from the Netflix show.

My new favorite podcast!

Just finished the show and can’t wait for more podcast episodes to listen to! Love the recaps

Just what I need!

My husband and I are totally enjoying this podcast! We have not read the books so it is totally new to us and your blog made it easier to understand! We watched all 8 episodes but now we listen to your podcast and go back and watch the episode again! Thank you so much!

Great stuff w/ a caveat

Love the podcast. One piece of feedback is that this at times got a little bit spoilery for non gamers/readers. For example, in episode 1 it was revealed that 2 characters (who I will keep unnamed) will meet and have a romance in the future. Knowing that takes away some of the wonder of where this is all going. What some other podcasts do (Bald Move’s GOT podcast I think does it) is have a separate section at the end that opens up spoilers so that gamers and readers can listen separately, but non- readers can log off. Just a thought. Great work though and keep it up!


Brand new to the Witcher universe, enjoying the podcast as a companion to watching the series. Even slowed down my watching and didn’t binge so I could listen to this analysis after each episode to understand everything better. I was surprised though that they talked about story spoilers with the most recent episode. I was trying to steer clear of things like that.

Awesome recap and analysis

Great job. Exactly what every fan needs.

Glad I found this

Just started watching the show, and I always love a good episode by episode breakdown of any good series. This is what I was looking for. Just want more episodes!

Precisely what I was looking for

Huge GoT fan and followed the series with accompanying podcasts to enrich the experience. I have zero knowledge with the Witcher, so I figured this was the best way to go about enhancing my watch and so far I could not have been any more correct. Good work

Well done.

Very well done, with the right amount of background without spoilers. Good discussion by smart podcasters.

THE WITCHER Podcast You’re Looking For!

If you just started watching THE WITCHER on Netflix and are looking for a podcast to unpack each episode with details from the source material, look no further. The hosts are knowledgeable and well-humored. The audio is professional. And, most importantly, they have an agenda and stick to it as to not wast the listener’s time. I cannot recommend this enough.

These Were The Experts I Needed

I have played a little of The Witcher 3, but I was absolutely hooked by The Witcher on Netflix. The only problem I had with the show, is that they didn’t really explain the backgrounds of who people and places were. I loved every episode, I was looking for something to help me fill in some gaps. This is where this fantastic podcast comes in. This is exactly what I was looking for. Abu and Brett work really well together, and obviously know the lore very well. I learned a lot and I’m looking forward to reading the books in preparation of season 2, but this podcast will be what I lean on for context. Great job guys!

Exactly what I was searching for!

Whenever I get into a new series I try to find a companion podcast of people who are devoted and passionate yet super knowledgeable fans. This is it! If you are new to the Witcher Universe like me this is the podcast for you! So thrilled to have found it! Thank you for sharing your time and thoughts with the Fandom! I look forward to all the episodes.

You already know it’s going to be amazing

This podcast is part of the Lore Party network, so you already know it’s going to be awesome. Great quality and great discussion.

Witcher Hound

So hyped for the show and can’t wait to dive into it.