Wind's Howling: A Witcher Netflix Show Podcast


This is a really good show. The lads are deeply aware of the lore and their opinions are coherent, understandable and fair. Wind’s Howling is certainly one of the most concise Witcher podcasts out there, especially as it relates to the Netflix show.
However I will say that I am disappointed that Brett’s opinions and takes change depending on what podcast he is hosting. “On the Path” is another great podcast hosted by Brett, and he’s expressed downright opposite opinions of exactly the same moments of the Netflix adaptation as he has shared on this podcast. This makes it hard to listen to either beyond as background noise. Stick to your guns man, no matter who your cohost is……

Feb. 18, 2022 by DiscoveryDog on Apple Podcasts

Wind's Howling: A Witcher Netflix Show Podcast