Wind's Howling: A Witcher Netflix Show Podcast

Great podcast/ stop with the thinly veiled spoilers

Definitely the best Witcher podcast. Very much appreciate that the authors are well versed in the book lore-and do a great job helping the rest of us better understand the series.I love and agree with their takes and opinions- great stuff.
One gripe that almost made me not give a five star rating—please stop with the thinly-veiled spoilers (often literally right after saying ‘we’re not going to give anything away’). Saying ~~oh Siri’s going to be spending some time alone in the future, etc.- or things like this that very clearly reference what may be coming, is a SHOW SPOILER- not just a book spoiler. I know a lot is different from the books, but most of the main elements are similar enough that these veiled allusions to what’s going to happen absolutely serve as show spoilers.

Feb. 5, 2022 by Honeybadger8 on Apple Podcasts

Wind's Howling: A Witcher Netflix Show Podcast