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BIOSHOCK: The Two Lives of Booker DeWitt

March 4, 2020

Caleb, Leo, and Kevin explore the moment in Booker DeWitt's life that changed the course of his future forever...twice. They discuss the importance of the Battle of Wounded Knee to Booker's life (1:41), his deal with the Lut…


BIOSHOCK: How Brigid Tenenbaum Discovered Morality

Feb. 10, 2020

Caleb, Leo, and Kevin explore the life of Brigid Tenenbaum, the woman who discovered ADAM and changed Rapture forever. They discuss how her early years in a Nazi concentration camp shaped her worldview (0:42), her groundbrea…


BIOSHOCK: Big Daddies and Bigger Birds

Jan. 13, 2020

Caleb, Leo, and Kevin explore the iconic Big Daddies and their secret connection to Songbird. They discuss the history and creation of Big Daddies (1:11), their evolution into the protectors of Little Sisters (9:10), and the…


BIOSHOCK: The Reason the Luteces Get out of Bed

Oct. 30, 2018

Leo (@LeoWigginsVO) and Caleb (@ScifiSpeedster) explore the iconic Lutece twins in BioShock Infinite. They discuss whether the twins are good people (2:32), discussed how the distortion of time affects their speech (12:29), …


BIOSHOCK: How to Justify Countless Murders

Sept. 6, 2018

Leo (@LeoWigginsVO), Caleb (@ScifiSpeedster), and Kevin (@In_the_Lupe) discuss how Bioshock Infinite’s story sets itself apart by giving players narrative justifications for murdering hoards of bad guys. They explore how the…


BIOSHOCK: Ayn Rand’s Rapture

Aug. 15, 2018

Leo (@LeoWigginsVO), Caleb (@ScifiSpeedster), and Kevin (@In_the_Lupe) discuss the countless literary references in the world of Bioshock. Everything from the opening sequence (4:48) to the twisted mind of Dr. Steinman (8:22…