Gom Jabbar: A Dune Podcast

Gom Jabbar: A Dune Podcast

Gom Jabbar is the ultimate guide to the Dune universe for both longtime fans and newcomers. Join hosts Abu and Leo as they dive deep into every aspect of Dune lore, from Frank Herbert's original novels to HBO's television show and Denis Villeneuve's blockbuster films.

Recent Episodes

Book Club: Children of Dune (Part 4)

Sept. 23, 2022

Abu and Leo continue their read-through of Children of Dune with a deep dive into pages 149-203 of the novel.

Spice Morsels: Gunseng Harkonnen, Origin of Worm Riding, and Oil Lenses

Sept. 16, 2022

Abu and Leo explore the life of the Baron Vladimir's father, unpack the history of how the Fremen came to ride worms, and take a closer look at oil lens technology.

Mailbag: Fremen Dating, Dune TV Adaptations, and Other Memory

Sept. 9, 2022

Abu and Leo respond to listener messages and explore how Other Memory works, share their ideas on how they'd adapt Dune into a television show, and imagine what it must be like dating in a sietch community.

About the Hosts

Abu Zafar Profile Photo

Abu Zafar

Abu is the founder and CEO of Lore Party Media and a podcast producer at iHeartRadio. He hosts and produces the #1 Witcher and Dune podcasts in the world.

Leo Wiggins Profile Photo

Leo Wiggins

Leo is a voice actor for video games and animation, as well as a podcast producer and host. Millions have heard his voice in video games like Blair Witch, AFK Arena and others.

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