Lore Party: A Video Game Lore Podcast

Lore Party: A Video Game Lore Podcast

Lore Party is a podcast about video game lore. No reviews, no gameplay, no industry news. We focus entirely on the stories, characters, and universes of our favorite games. These are the stories that have stayed with us long after we’ve defeated the final boss, the characters we think of as dear friends, and the universes we revisit time and time again. New episodes every week.

Recent Episodes

GHOST OF TSUSHIMA: The Line Between Adaptation and Betrayal

Sept. 6, 2022

Jin Sakai was raised from childhood to confront his opponents directly and honorably. But when his home is overwhelmed by invaders, everything changes.

FIRE EMBLEM: How the Ashen Wolves Contradict Fódlan's Leaders

Aug. 30, 2022

In Fire Emblem: Three Houses and Fire Emblem: Three Hopes, the existence of Abyss and the Ashen Wolves demonstrate that the authority figures in Fódlan aren't always right. Join Caleb (https://twitter.com/ScifiSpeedster) and…

HADES: Diversity and Representation in the Re-telling of Myth

Aug. 23, 2022

Hades by Supergiant Games is a case study in how ancient mythological tales can be examined through a modern lens, and displays some admirable diversity in its characters and their relationships. Abu (https://twitter.com/abu…

About the Hosts

Conner Howard Profile Photo

Conner Howard

Senior Producer

Conner Howard (he/him) is senior producer of Lore Party. An avid TTRPG player, music lover, lifelong Playstation fanboy (and PC gaming convert), he's also a voice actor, writer and audiobook narrator.

Michael Farris Profile Photo

Michael Farris

Senior Producer

Michael Farris (he/him) is a senior producer on Lore Party. He created and hosted Minigame and now produces Past Gen and creates videos for Lore Party’s YouTube and Twitch channels.

Caleb Ference Profile Photo

Caleb Ference


Caleb is a host and producer on the Lore Party podcast. He is also a massive TTRPG fan and the Dungeon Master on Carpe Ludos' actual play series, The Kestrel Tavern.

Avery Delany Profile Photo

Avery Delany

Contributing Producer

Avery is a contributing producer for Lore Party. They are a Social Anthropology PhD student and a member of the queer and feminist research collective Beyond Gender.

Bruce Walton Profile Photo

Bruce Walton


Bruce Walton (he/him) is a host and producer for the Lore Party podcast. He loves TTRPG, video games, and his wife.

Jaden Parise Profile Photo

Jaden Parise


Jaden Parise is a host and producer for the Lore Party podcast. He's also an occasional voice actor and stand up comic.

Kevin Luparello Profile Photo

Kevin Luparello


Kevin is a host and producer for the Lore Party podcast! He enjoys anime, political science, and voice acting in his free time.

Wade Ronspies Profile Photo

Wade Ronspies

Contributing Producer

Wade Ronspies is a contributing producer for Lore Party. He is the creator of Past Gen and sole contributor for Input One on YouTube; and he thinks the Triforce Quest in Wind Waker is actually really good.

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