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Love this show

Awesome ideas, though a little all over the place - kinda wish it was more focused like the other shows on their network.

Great podcast

It is a lot like the loreboys podcast that you should also check out, but they cut out most of the banter to make the episodes more assessable for those who just want to learn about a new franchise before they buy a game.

Love it!

This is an absolute need. Loved the discussions, especially the mass effect ones!!!!!

Awesome show!

Lore Party is awesome! They take on story driven games from many different angles. Their episodes on The Last of Us and BioShock were some of my favorites.

Great Podcast

I started to listen to this podcast 2 weeks ago. Now - more than 100 episodes later I finished season 5. I go more into detail, but I prefer listening to them instead.

Absolutely enjoyable!

I was steered towards this podcast because of a question I asked on Reddit & I am really happy that person suggested it. The hosts do an absolutely fantastic job of diving into the lore of various games & I find myself wanting to play games outside of my norm because of their discussions. They really do a great job of digging into the minutiae of stories I thought I knew well & I love that every one of them has different opinions on things.

Great Lore Dive

As someone who finds themselves up late on the wiki of a random game series, this is the show for me. Great takes on a bunch of different series. Keep it up!

Love and care for the stories of gaming

This show dives so deep into the worlds we love in gaming. Each conversation is crafted with such care. The host are smart, funny and completely engaging. If you love the expansive worlds of the games you play then this is definitely for you.

Different views

This podcast caught my attention with an episode dedicated to one of my favorite characters of my favorite video games. Their take on Garrus, while similar to my own still gave me something new to think about. Now I’m looking forward to hearing their other Mass Effect thoughts and learning lore on games I may not have considered that closely before. Hopefully there’s a fem!Shep’s point of view somewhere in there or forthcoming—it’d be great to hear a direct comparison on the different experiences. If you enjoy discussions about deep and obscure details by people who are passionate and well spoken, then this podcast is for you!

Stardew Valley

I listened to all their SDV podcasts and I’m in love! I love how they discuss in-depth the lores and theories. I also like their passion for the game. I came because of SDV but I’m staying for the show :)

A Podcast You Won't Forget to Save (and will play the whole way through)

What's perfect about this podcast is that they fully capture the depth of story, detail and influence these (and many other) games have given to those who love it and even those who may find it outisde their comfort zone while also hitting you with the humorous (and insightful) banter. This one's for everyone 👌🏻

English Major Approved ✅

I love this podcast! As you can guess from the title of this review, I really enjoy taking deeper dives into storylines, discussing character dynamics, all that jazz. Lore Party does that and more with some awesome video games in a way that's super entertaining, whether you are familiar with the game in the episode or not. Definitely worth a listen and a subscribe!

The podcast you need to be listening to

Video games, storytelling, great banter. What more can you ask for?

This 👏 is 👏 THAT 👏 show

You know. The one your friend told you about that ends up blowing up. It’s that one. And you probs don’t think gaming is your thing, but these folks are here to explain EXACTLY why gaming is storytelling. Because that’s what it’s all about. It’s so good.