Think “Binge Mode for Dune.” Our weekly episodes are meticulously researched and easy-to-understand discussions about all aspects of Dune lore, from the many themes found in the novels to the numerous adaptations on film and TV.

In addition to helping new fans understand Frank Herbert’s stories, we’ll also help to expand existing fans’ understanding of the lore with deep dives into parts of the “Duniverse” they might have missed.

The show is downloaded more than 50k times per month by a highly-engaged audience. With a near-perfect 5-star rating and 240+ reviews on Apple Podcasts, Gom Jabbar is the highest-rated Dune podcast in the world.

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About the Hosts

Leo WigginsProfile Photo

Leo Wiggins

Leo is a voice actor for video games and animation, as well as a podcast producer and host. Millions have heard his voice in video games like Blair Witch, AFK Arena and others.

Abu ZafarProfile Photo

Abu Zafar

Abu is the founder and CEO of Lore Party Media and a podcast producer at iHeartRadio. He hosts and produces the #1 Witcher and Dune podcasts in the world.