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Great job!

My favorite podcast!! I’ve never left a podcast review before but I am just enjoying this one so much. There’s great chemistry between the hosts, the jokes are perfect, it’s equally interesting and entertaining and I’d be lost without it.

Walking into the desert alright like

Great podcast for breaking down things in an amazingly complex universe. If dune seems daunting they make it fun to get through. On a side note their book club intros of spoofin clips of the book is exponentially better than the dune audiobook.


I have read all the books and some of it is a bit confusing. They break it down and explain it .

Thank Shai-Hulud for this podcast!

Hands down the absolute best voice chemistry between hosts I’ve ever heard. Abu and Leo are just genuinely kind and funny people who are enjoyable to listen to no matter how nerdy you are about Dune. This podcast is definitively the best Dune podcast on the internet. Also they’re 100% totally performing live at Madison Square Garden next weekend and I’m so lucky I got a seat before it sold out all 4 nights. I can’t believe the relentless sex appeal they serve without ceasing. No wonder they’re more famous and rich than Oscar Isaac and Jason Momoa combined.

So much depth

I was one of those Dune fans who was led to believe that only the first book was worth reading. Then I found this podcast and I realized how great the whole Dune history and universe is. Now I have a long reading list ahead of me and the entire run of Gom Jabbar podcasts to listen to. Thanks, y’all.

Immensely fun and helpful

I absolutely love this podcast. As a more recent dune fan, I found their book club episodes both wildly entertaining and extremely helpful in fleshing out this complex universe. The little details they give to you are amazing. I also have loved the spoiler free episodes that have given me so much context going into these books for the first time- for example the episode about the Ixians and the Thleilaxu was immensely helpful to hear before starting Dune Messiah- I didn’t have to get bogged down in trying to wrap my head around a bunch of brand new things thrown at me all at once. They crack me up, and always keep me interested in their episodes. I can’t reccomend this enough if you’re looking for dune content. Here for all the spice daddies and big desert spicy bois.


These dudes have great chemistry and you can tell that they are really passionate about Dune. They explore not just the series but the wider Dune universe. 10 out of 5

As addictive as the spice melange!

I just discovered Abu and Leo’s amazing podcast and have been non stop binging it. I’m so grateful for expanding on this universe that has been my favorite book since I was 14 and have reread over and over again for the last 25 years. It’s also amazing for someone just getting into this universe. Six stars!!

Great chemistry

Only listened to one episode, but these guys have great chemistry. They really know their Dune, and I love their energy

2 Lovely Guys

I love how these 2 grown guys giggle with glee talking about all things Dune.. love the thought and knowledge put into explaining the world of Dune... enjoy listening to these guys v much

Best Dune Podcast

Exactly what I was looking for as I dig deeper into the world of Dune. Abu and Leo are hilarious, and are exactly the geek friends you want to chat Dune for hours with.

Great job.

Excellent!! I love the banter and informative nature of your retelling.

My favorite podcast ever

Thank you! Well done. I’m overall impressed so much by the quality of the podcast, the amount of obvious time and energy spent researching and preparing for the podcast, as well as the well spoken and intelligent dialogue where we as die hard Dune fans can dive into the meanings of the greatest Sci Fi masterpiece ever written. I die laughing every time I hear the genius and creative quotes you say at the beginning. Genius. Just love it. I am a truck driver so I have searched through and listened to many a podcast… but I must say you are number one in my book. Keep it up and thank you for making Dune fans so happy.

So much richer having read Dune series with the book club

Amazing!! This podcast has me hooked! Thank you.

Good stuff

I’m enjoying the exploration of the Dune universe. I’ve read the books by FH a dozen times since high school, but I’ve never explored the backstory or peripheral material, so this is very enlightening.

Extremely informative - highly recommend!

I don’t feel so alone tackling the Dune universe with this podcast and I am able to glean much more depth from the pages than if I were reading alone. Thank you Abu and Leo for all of your time and dedication. Their spoiler warnings are always accurate and never give away or allude to spoiler material which is greatly appreciated. Some of the content when they go a little off-script with their school boy level humor may have you rolling your eyes at times, but their insight and perspective of the dune lore is so valuable for first time readers and long-time fans. You can tell they love what they’re doing and are very good at it. I applaud the book club episodes, especially how they slowed down for dune messiah and really break down the episodes and deep dive into the take-always. I highly recommend this podcast for established or aspiring dune fans.

Illuminating, engaging, fun

These guys are so warm and engaging. I read the books decades ago and forgot so much, but Leo and Abu bring to light all the richness and depths of Dune. Plus they connect everything to contemporary culture, and ideas. Just woderful! The episode Road to Dune for example, gives us a thoughtful review of the writing process, publishing history, and the story’s key concepts. So good!

Love this podcast so much.

I love that you do both the book club but also deep deep dives of random universe facts and lore. You make the dune universe so accessible and entertaining. Also to be honest I love Leo’s voice, it’s very calming. Would listen to you talk about anything.

Never thought I could get into Dune...

Until I found this podcast - Abu and Leo really really make this a thing I want to engage with through them!

Love the lore

Who in the world wants to read an encyclopedia of Dune? Abu and Leo. They share all these great details in the context of the books/movie making the reading/watching experience so much richer. Thanks for all the hard work, guys! Loving the podcast.

So much fun!

I love these guys. They have taken on my favorite book series and dive deep. From their character episodes to the book club, they make me want to read The whole series again, again. Hilarious, informative, and so much fun. I can’t wait for each new show!

Mind blowing

I didn’t know this existed till today and feel like a part of my life is now complete. These guys make the long work hours more bearable. The banter is great and the knowledge is even better


I get excited about things and go searching for podcasts that I hope exist. #blessed


Love the banter and deep dives. Keep it coming!

Fun podcast about Dune!!!

The podcast is fun and these two are pretty funny. There are times though where is seems that they just discovered cursing and over do it on some things or beat the same joke to death, but nonetheless, the podcast is still a fun when talking about Dune and not making bad jokes.

Amazing podcast!

A fun, informative and positive podcast. Their love and passion for Dune shows in each episode. It’s a good change of pace from all the gate keeper fanboy nerd rage that the internet is well known for. This has been the go-to podcast for people I’ve introduced to the franchise. Also the production quality is outstanding. Being a audio engineer myself I judge podcasts rather harshly but Gom Jabbar is the kind of professional broadcast we’ve come to know from Lore Party. 👍👍

Bashar In Waikiki

Incredibly fun listening to Abu and Leo (Bul-O? Labu? hmm…). Their wit, camaraderie and deep knowledge of and love for the greatest science fiction series, EVER, makes for an engaging, fast-paced no-ship sail through the Dune universe. As we say in House Hawai’i, Mahalo!

This is the Dune podcast you are looking for.

Abu and Leo are great. The lore and discussions around it are wonderful for both people super intimate with the Duniverse and for newcomers alike. This is doubly so since there are spoiler free episodes. I also really appreciate the joy and passion that comes bubbling through in each episode and their amazing humor. If you love Dune or are just curious this is definitely a podcast worth listening to.

So good I joined Patreon

I listen to a lot of podcasts but it wasn’t until Gom Jabbar that I joined Patreon. One of best researched podcasts I have listens to. These work so hard. It’s amazing!

Clever, insightful and funny!

I listened to a few episodes and really enjoyed our boys' deep analysis and hilarious banter. I am a Huge book fan, read them all! So I appreciate the deep takes and respect the spoiler warnings. I have now gone back to ep 1 and intend to listen all the way through. Great work guys, keep it up! David 😉